Incorporating The Isle of Wight Carp Company.


Welcome to Combley Carp Lake.

The carp lake is set in beautiful surroundings, offers top quality fishing and is well stocked with superbly conditioned, quality fish. The surrounding privately owned land is some 325 acres in size and the carp lake is one lake in our complex encompasing some 17 acres of water.

Nestled away in the central valley of the Isle of Wight the lake is just over 4 acres in size an fed by water filtered through the chalk downs above the lakes creating a very good natural ecology.The water is crystal clear with lots of weed beds full of natural food making for perfect conditions to grow massive Carp. The shallow end starts at 1 foot in depth and moves steadily into deeper water, with 13 feet at the dam wall end. There are many shelves, ledges and gravel bars included in the bottom contours making the lake a varied place to fish. There is a shallow bay at one end of the lake which allows for a different approach to your fishing experience, especially during the warmer months when the fish can be taken by the quiet angler on floating baits. The lake contains 3 islands and these make excellent places for the fish to lay and for the fisherman to set traps. There is much mystery surrounding the fish in the lake; many fish have not been caught for a few years and there is lots of speculation and excitment on their present weights. Our Carp lake is available for booking with numbers limited so as to provide the best fishing experience possible. There are 10 custom built swims on the lake allowing plenty of water for each fisherman to use a maximum of 3 rods. It is also possible to book the entire lake. Please contact us for details. There is ample car parking 20 meters from the lake and this parking is controlled by locked access ensuring only people fishing the lakes can use the facility. There is a basic toilet facility on site for clients use. The owner lives a stones throw away from the lake and is constantly available for hints, tips and to help if any problems with fish do occur.

The current Carp lake record is 45 lb 8 oz caught by Mr Steve Renyard. Please see the ‘Carp lake gallery’ or ‘Records’ for photo’s.

The lake undergoes regular stock control measures and there is a holding pen available for any undersize fish that may be caught. The lake also contains pike to 20+lb which are used for stock control and are not fished for. We regularly assess the levels of stocking in the lake and have the facility to move fish from any of our stock ponds into or out of the lake to ensure the fishing is always at its best. We monitor the health and condition of our fish regularly. We also work closely with local environment agencies and private specialists to ensure both the quality of our water and the quality of the surrounding area.

You could not wish for a more relaxing place to catch fish… Catching them is not that easy though and that is just a small part of the charm of this place. Bring your camera, not your Ipad. We are proud to announce there is no wi-fi on our site. Nor will there ever be.